Genre: Mystery

Gnothi Seauton

6 minutes

In the heart of the mountains, a mysterious man is being relentlessly chased down by a ...

January 25, 2023


11 minutes

A young couple, coping with the death of their only son, must solve the mystery of ...

January 1, 1970

A tooth for a tooth

7 minutes

A mysterious entity – born from the imagination of parents – becomes one night, a chilling ...

July 14, 2023


16 minutes

Two sisters, separated by tragedy. A grieving husband, haunted and devastated, looking for answers. An innocent ...

September 5, 2023

Sweet deliverance

16 minutes

Monica is sure she has been cheated by her husband for a long time. So, she ...

February 17, 2023

By Any Other Name

24 minutes

"Within the chilling underworld of sex-trafficking, the heart-wrenching bond between two sisters unfolds. One sister, ensnared ...

May 10, 2023

Primetime for Mime Crime: A Christmas Movie

5 minutes

A private detective and crime scene photographer investigate the death of a mime.

March 27, 2023

No Witnesses

6 minutes

Two detectives played by Thien-Tam Nguyen and Dylan Stumer are trying to solve the murder of ...

October 24, 2021

Antes Del Mictlan

18 minutes

Having lost his memory and waking up in an unknown boy’s room. Pedro will have to ...

November 25, 2022

The League of Assassins

20 minutes

Muguruma is a drug dealer and his best friend, Gotou visits him. Gotou gives a gun and ...

July 22, 2022

Julia. December 13

10 minutes

A young man finds out, that his girlfriend is a victim of postpartum psychosis...

September 4, 2019

One Step

12 minutes

When Tadashi sees a girl from his school stood alone on the beach, he becomes determined ...

April 4, 2019

The Disappearance of Evelin Gale

28 minutes

While David is facing a crisis in his current relationship, a phone call about his ex-girlfriend ...


After Silence

8 minutes

As he's about to jump off a rooftop, Tom hears a voice calling out from the ...

November 30, 2018

Gratia Plena

19 minutes

A man escapes from the city and from the ghosts of his past to take refuge ...

November 11, 2018

Life’s Work

A forward-thinking scientist is on the verge of a discovery that will forever change mankind, but ...

August 7, 2021

Love Thy Neighbour

15 minutes

During a break-in a woman discovers she is living in an oppressed world, and develops a ...

January 25, 2019


28 minutes

Su-hyeong, who visited the shrine after asking around to find his missing mother, meets Grandmother Shin, ...

May 2, 2022

O Copo

One day Miguel, notices a peculiar red string that goes towards the forest and seems to ...

May 1, 2021

Paula Peril: Mystery of the Crystal Falcon

19 minutes

When a high society auction is interrupted by the brazen theft of the mysterious Crystal Falcon, ...

March 19, 2009