Genre: War

The woods encounters

11 minutes

A young soldier struggles to stay alive with horrible consequences during a battle in a woods ...

June 30, 2020

Boobs in Arms

18 minutes

The stooges are greeting card salesmen who are mistakenly inducted into the army after escaping from ...

December 27, 1940

War Mamas

21 minutes

During WW1, the girls become spies when they spend the evening with two German officers.

November 14, 1931

Prazinburk Ridge

10 minutes

The Great War is upon Britain. With his international sporting career cut short, Douglas Clark has ...

July 28, 2022

Bad Beat

21 minutes

Bad Beat is a story of 3 interconnected men following the war with seemingly happy lives, ...

July 3, 2021

The Cost of Living

29 minutes

After returning from their first combat tour in Afghanistan, soldiers must deal with the aftermath of ...

June 30, 2021

Under The Medal

5 minutes

The chest medals represent not only the prestigious and righteous decorations but also the heavy guilt. A ...

No Dialogue
June 15, 2021

They Stooge to Conga

18 minutes

The stooges are repairmen who get a job fixing the doorbell in large house which is ...

January 1, 1943

Slate: Abomination

14 minutes

Set in 2001, an emergency cabinet has been brought together to discuss the future of the ...

January 1, 2023

I’ll Never Heil Again

18 minutes

A follow up to "You Nazty Spy", the stooges have taken over the country of Moronica. ...

July 4, 1941

You Nazty Spy!

18 minutes

In this satire of the Nazis the stooges are paperhangers in the country of Moronica. When ...

January 19, 1940

Three Fingers

13 minutes

An intimate, censorial depiction of trauma through the eyes of Jesstine, a mother, wife and Marine ...

August 1, 2015

Soldier Boy

1 minutes

Produced by Fat Cat Productions in 2005, "Soldier Boy" was the world's shortest feature film at ...

January 1, 1970

The Will to Survive

3 minutes

A soldier, after reawakening from unconsciousness, must find the will to survive, and carry on living ...

November 25, 2022

Higher Than a Kite

18 minutes

The stooges are auto mechanics working for the Royal Air Force in England. After wrecking an ...

July 30, 1943

Jesus Ridin’ Shotgun

13 minutes

The eternal battle between good and evil takes place on a subway train in Marseille, France, ...

June 1, 2003

Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Wolf?

25 minutes

1944. Somewhere in the occupied Central Europe. A multicultural triangle between a little shepherd and two ...

Slovenian, English, German
January 30, 2019

Two Soldiers

40 minutes

Mississippi, just before Pearl Harbor. Two brothers, Pete, about 19 and Willie, about 10 years younger. ...

August 1, 2003

Beyond All Boundaries

30 minutes

A visual, 4-D experience of the battles of World War II featuring stories, archival footage and ...

November 9, 2009

The Fallen

10 minutes

The three remaining soldiers in a platoon - running out of ammo - are stuck in ...

September 28, 2019