Acura MDX Commercial “Storm Chaser”


Spec commercial for Acura MDX created by filmmaker and storm chaser Martin Lisius. Filmed on-location, primarily in Texas, during May – July, 2023, this production required the crew to synchronize shooting dates with extreme weather. Blowing dust, hail, flooding and tornadoes were a regular part of shooting. Some of the car shots were filmed during severe weather while others used composited footage shot by Lisius. This is the ultimate “truth in advertising” commercial. The Acura MDX SUV featured in the product shots was also the production vehicle used to track the storms that appear in the spot. 100 percent of the commercial was filmed by Lisius, including shots he appears in. Lisius combines his writing, directing, and shooting skills with his 35 years of storm chasing experience to make this unique commercial possible.

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