“Aeterna” is an evocative essay on the concept of beauty. Presented in a unique diptych format, it delves into the life of an actress, offering a poignant biographical exploration. The story skillfully exposes the psychological duality that exists between her authentic self and the facade she maintains for society. This compelling journey is narrated through the eyes of a teenager, who theatrically embodies every stage of the actress’s life journey—from her early foray into the world of glamour to her descent into elderliness.
Central to this narrative is the symbolic mask worn by the actress, representing her reliance on makeup and plastic surgery as futile attempts to preserve her youth. This mask evolves into a profound metaphor, illustrating her struggle to break free from the crushing societal pressures and her own preoccupation with outer beauty.
The story of “Aeterna” stands as a haunting reminder of the importance of self-acceptance and the ephemeral nature of physical beauty, urging the audience to reflect on the true essence of what makes us beautiful.

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