Always Bet on Black


Tom and Darren are best friends and flatmates. Late on a Friday, Tom discovers a random £1,000,000 deposit in his account from the bank.

After some hysteria the two conclude that this must be a mistake and the bank will reverse the transaction on Monday morning, leaving them the weekend to make some money using their newly inherited money.

Darren being the schemer comes up with a ploy to bet the money on a single game of roulette and with just a little convincing Tom agrees. Feeling they need to look the part, they set out on a series of tasks in order to arrive at the casino in style.

They are greeted by casino boss Caesar Jenkins, who aids them in getting the million pounds onto the table.
With their naivety and ignorance leading the way, they follow through on their plan to ‘always bet on black’, leaving their fate in the hands of one make-or-break spin of the roulette wheel.


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