A young married couple finds themselves in a deep crisis driven by the fact that they can’t have children together. This situation brings up their incompatibility; the couple can’t communicate properly and doesn’t share any passion. Lost the dream of having a family together, husband and wife fall prisoners of a strong apathy and abandon all future projects together. The two of them live a completely different life even though they are living together and run a small hardware store of a small city in the countryside in which the story is set. To break the monotony of the couple’s life is the arrival of a young boy in the city’s stables. The youngling, at first notice, gets close to the woman, who gets very interested in the boy’s work, because the
environment of the stables reminds her of childhood memories and serenity. A mutual interest seems to start between the two, which brings jealousy to the husband. When the man realizes there’s something between them, he decides that he must confront the boy face to face. After a first clash the relationship between all three of the characters changes drastically, ending up influencing each other irreversibly.

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