Aping Edwin Porter


4 film grads give 4 film pitches, but there’s only 1 outcome!

Four close film obsessed friends and recently graduated film students hold a production meeting to plan their first feature film. They discuss the state of Hollywood and how are they ever going to come up with an original idea if Hollywood has struggled since 1903, when Edwin S. Porter’ first film ‘The Great Train Robbery ‘ was remade only a year later in 1904!
A very nuanced film with heaps of film history buried in a laugh out loud script with great characters who you will fall in love with really quickly. We will feel and see each of their fantastical streams of consciousness ooze from every pore as they tell the others of their ‘great movie ideas’. The meeting soon collapses in a moment of chaos as their college day instincts overrun the meeting and their dreams of grandeur quickly fade away with the inevitability of a trip off to the pub!


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