View of the Naviglio Grande: the tolling of the bells of the Church of San Cristoforo marks the beginning of a new day in a deserted Milan. A restaurateur receives an order: a vegetable aspic. The bakelite telephone placed on the counter rings: someone on the other side of the receiver makes sure that the order is sent as quickly as possible. A rider’s rest is interrupted by a notification on his mobile phone: he has to deliver a vegetable aspic. The rider immediately springs into action by going to the sinister-looking restaurant. Waiting for him behind the counter, a bizarre restaurateur who delivers the dish inside a transparent box. The fearless rider begins his journey on the Milanese cobbles towards his destination. The tension that accompanies the trembling aspic inside the delivery box is interrupted by the abrupt gap between the cobbles and the asphalt which allows the rider to proceed carefree. The rider having arrived at his destination, holds the irreparably destroyed aspic in his hands. An interminable wait is interrupted by a sharp blow. The body of the unconscious rider is dragged inside the house. On a long and richly laid table, full of 80s-style dishes, a bloody meat aspic triumphs. The voice of a journalist grappling with the daily death count, recommends staying at home.

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