Between the lines


A little street rose seller attempts to change her own destiny by erasing the lines of her palms.

BETWEEN THE LINES is the tale of Bella, a little girl who lives in a folkloristic town at the brink of a presidential election with a nationalist party that seems to be the favorite. Isolated and neglected in a context that is repetitive, uniform, emotionally disconnected and narrow-minded, Bella’s sixth sense and youthful imagination make the magic happen. In spite of the monotony of her life, the little girl still grasps an original solution to her problems through her own interpretation of a publicity poster hung on the pharmacy’s door that she crosses daily. With a little help from ‘supernatural’ characters, who unknowingly assist her perform her own poetic act of empowerment, Bella figures out her destiny is quite literally in her hands and can have a decisive turnaround.

Original/Alternative Title: Tra le righe

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