Blood Roots


(Experimental) a real tale with horror elements – Women empowerment Film
When the earth opens it shows the blood of our roots beating in the tree of our life…
This project is not exactly experimental, if we understand it without narrative. Although any experiment with new approaches leads to new narratives or new ways of thinking and looking at the real / imagined (as Barnett would say). This project lives in that contradiction (pointed by Liada) between the experimetal tradition, always narrated by men, where the structure of language is what gives the meaning and the forms that arise from the need to shape an emotion or fiction.

Here I have needed to put images to some emotions of a true story. This truth is stranger than fiction and, to avoid falling into the drama, I have adopted the form of a story-tale explained with titles inspired in the the silent movies.
The story-tale allows us to stand back from reality and to universalize the experience by approaching the mythical or archetypal language that speaks to our individual / collective emotions.
In this w
ay I could explain my father’s life-death using elements of experimental language emotionally to show as a fiction a true story-tale.

Daniel Barnett’s Coment:
Extremely beautiful and poignant. Every film of yours I see I understand better what make them unique. My only quibble was that I thought the sound in Part II was a little melodramatic. THis is a fulm I will want to watch many times. Thank you.

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