November 2029. In the world, in a very short time, “Butterfly 29”, a computer virus that compromises all the systems and platforms of the advanced technology of the planet with a netpandemic, making any form of communication, diffusion and use of any artificial intelligence impossible. And so, in the span of 4 months, in a gigantic blackout propagated with a “domino effect”, all the transmissions of the radio-television apparatus and all the services of the web and the telephony are darkened, which are estimated to have now reached 98.8% of the traffic and exchange of information of the entire western system. Ten years earlier, in 2020, in Italy, the subject Alan Caravaggio was sentenced to 14 years of house arrest for the murder of his wife, which occurred during a lockdown for the biological pandemic known by the name of Covid 19. The narration is set in March 2030 and while the world, having no alternative, returns to meet each other by animating the streets, the squares, the bars and the theaters, Alan Caravaggio is increasingly isolated in his confinement, relating only with the social worker who has the task of delivering him the food, representing his only window on the world.

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