Círculos sobre agua, bajo nubes de algodón


In a dystopian future, with a social context influenced by various pandemics and with a political upheaval triggering reactionary governments, various young people hide on the outskirts of a city after looting a batch of vaccines. While the leaders of the group seek to sell them on the black market, the subjugated try to get their distribution among the marginal population who, like them, are deprived of vaccination. Tensions and discrimination based on sexuality or ethnicity soon arise in the group, reminiscent of past times, and that are the reflection of a society that has regressed. Desire and melancholy will mark characters stunned by a reality that is as fickle as unpredictable. It is a choral short film, with characters only outlined to show their essence and with a complex intra-story. The plot focuses on the relationships between the characters: their traumas, hidden desires and dreams to fulfill, love and heartbreak, within that struggle for survival. A story with great emotional intensity that in some aspects, such as living under repression or having to hide one’s social orientation, may seem from another era, but as society is evolving, it may be something that is becoming more and more present, as can be seen by the increase in attacks on the LGTBIQ+ collective today.

Original/Alternative Title: Water Circles Under Cotton Clouds

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