Country Dogs


In the quiet expanse of the countryside, an unlikely relationship forms. The film opens with a young runaway, cloaked in leather and exuding a naive bravado, who encounters an eccentric, old homeless man. The boy, in his silent rebellion, plans to escape his old life, not knowing this strange encounter will shift his course.

The old man, with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes, begins to weave a captivating story about a friend of his, an escapee from prison, who made his way to the city in search of freedom. As the narrative unfolds, the boy becomes deeply engrossed, finding a mirror to his own tale of adventure.

However, the story takes a grim turn when the old man’s friend meets a tragic end, devoured by a pack of city dogs. This jolts the boy back to reality, making him question the path he’s on. The old man, with a shrug of his shoulders, departs, leaving the boy at the crossroads of decision.

In a moment of clarity, fueled by frustration and a newfound wisdom, the boy curses under his breath and decides to return home, leaving audiences to ponder the old man’s intentions.
Was the story a cautionary tale to guide the boy, or just a ramblings of a lonely old man?

“Country Dogs” is a short comedy that treads the fine line between humor and absurdity, exploring themes of freedom, fate, and the unexpected mentors we find in the most unlikely places.

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