A man wakes up in an empty white room. There are no doors, no windows, nothing. The only object in the room is a laptop and he soon discovers that whatever he writes on it becomes true. He quickly ends up following his first instinct and creating a woman for sex, but the experience isn’t as satisfying as he thought because the girl is just an empty shell, unable to say anything apart from ‘I want sex’. The man realises that to have a real connection he needs a real person. So he starts adding details to the description of the girl until finally he realises that, in order to create a real person to connect with, he has to create the whole world around her. He writes and writes and, as he keeps working, the world around him acquires shapes, colours and textures. He finally manages to turn the girl into a real person, Eve, and everything seems perfect. But what happens when Eve discovers her true origin?

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