During the wheel change Amadeus (Dawid Kunicki) tells his colleague Borys (Rafał Januszczak) about not believing in his job, which is based on getting rid of the homeless men from the city. Borys’s carefreeness leads to Amadeus’s irritation. Later they get a task for 2 homeless men -Arek (Grzegorz Juras) and Gienek (Szymon Bekier), who are playing chess in a city’s park. When Arek goes to the bushes to take a piss, Amadeus and Borys beat Gienek to find Arek. When he sees it, he decides to run away. Amadeus starts a pursuit that leads to the square in front of the hospital, where Arek confesses to Amadeus that he became homeless, because he left his wife for a job and it destroyed him. That leads Amadeus to think again about his job if he wants to kill Arek.

Original/Alternative Title: The Purifiers

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