An agent, Riccardo, is on patrol in a residential area of ​​the city when he receives a radio alert from the central: apparently nothing dangerous. He arrives outside the home of an elderly gentleman, Dante, who insistently invites him to enter and expresses fear that someone is listening to them. Once at home, the agent carries on a dialogue with great difficulty. Riccardo manages to direct the conversation on something that could be useful to him: he thus discovers that Dante has a wife and gradually knows his deep state of anguish caused, according to him, by a roommate who mistreats them. Furthermore, in the short time they spend together, he has the opportunity to observe numerous aspects of Dante’s personality which is at times altered, then frightened and often almost childish. The dynamics between the two protagonists turn on and off continuously, creating a sway of emotions that culminates with Dante running away into another room, closely followed by Riccardo. The agent finds himself in front of a terrible reality that will reveal the mysteries and vagueness of the story. A brief escape and Dante’s final awareness follows.

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