Die Story im Ersten: Hass im Netz


They post commentaries on social media like “I would put Chancellor Angela Merkel into a concentration camp as we would in the old days when our Führer was still alive”. They see foreigners as “scum” and Muslims as “terrorists”. Or they write that “all women are whores”. And yet, when investigators knock their door at 6 a.m. to confiscate their smartphones and laptops to secure evidence they seem totally surprised, because they still think what they do in the internet will stay unnoticed by the police. ARD German TV’s award winning senior author Klaus Scherer has spent a whole year with police, prosecutors and agents of the bureau of investigation to show their daily work, especially while focussing on new paragraphs against online hate speech. Who are the ones to be charged? How do they react? And how will the courts decide on their cases? Scherer’s report is both authentic and thrilling, covering a topic that seems to become more important day by day. Not only in Germany.

Original/Alternative Title: Online Hate Speech: Underway With Criminal Prosecutors –
Hass im Netz: Unterwegs mit Strafverfolgern

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