Due Mondi Separati


Maria, a 70-year-old writer, after years spent in northern cities, returns to her native land in Calabria, to the old house that belonged to her mother where she hopes to find serenity and inspiration to continue writing her next novel. A successful woman, her lifestyle is frowned upon by the townspeople. Maria is determined not to give up her freedom, which she has painstakingly won over the years. The woman is in a relationship with Antonio, a mechanic thirty years younger, a simple but ironic man, playful and full of life. Their relationship is made up of complicity and sincere love, but Antonio is conditioned by the prejudices of the people of the town and above all of his father, who does not accept his son’s relationship with an older woman. Antonio manages to fully experience the relationship only at her home, a muffled world full of beauty, so different from the world from which he comes. Maria begins to suffer from this situation so much that she has a creative block that prevents her from finishing the novel she is writing. She, who throughout her life has struggled to live free from prejudices, gives up on love when this turns into a limit, into a cage to make room for her own paths and finally rediscovering her own creativity.

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