Emblem of the Age


Dive into the story that underscores how each generation marks its era with unique symbols and themes it raises. It’s a narrative about people of a time, molded by cultural and social forces, sharing similar values. Yet, it seems the issues stirring various generations are both overlapping and timeless.

“Emblem of the Age” is a tale of youthful maximalism, a quest for absolute freedom. It’s about the inner solitude and the unity of youth in the face of shared experiences. A journey towards self-identity during the coming-of-age phase. Or perhaps, these searches are endless?

ANILOP penned this song at 18, and the music video was shot four years later, allowing the song to mature and evolve alongside the artist. It’s a personal tale of growing up, not just for the artist and her friends, but for an entire Generation Z.

Original/Alternative Title: Символ Эпохи

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