Every Last Breath


While conducting his duties as the god of death, Thanatos is forced to endure the fear and resistance that mortals display with him. He is visited by Hebe, the goddess of youth, who expresses her wish to have Thanatos take her life and relieve her of this miserable existence. He refuses, wishing to experience mortal life and find purpose outside of his godly responsibilities. Thanatos decides to approach Penelope who recently lost her aunt, unaware of her impending death. As the two grow closer, Hebe repeatedly taunts Thanatos and tries to convince him to abandon this world with her. After watching Nosferatu with Penelope and confronting Hebe, Thanatos resigns himself to his fate and runs off to take more souls. Thanatos returns after sensing Penelope’s death to reconcile with Hebe and reluctantly take Penelope across the threshold in a final embrace with her.

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