Figueroa Nights


Figueroa Street runs thru Los Angeles like a scar across a beautiful face. If you head south, just far enough, you’ll see ”The Game”… Hoes searching for Johns, Cops chasin’ them around and Pimps gettin paid! Facts.

REAL people living REAL lives. And this is where we begin…

… A story about a young Pimp named Slick, who fell into his track and is trying to find his way. Some on the blade want to help him and others want to take advantage. The rest are just waiting to see what Slick will do on his own. If Slick can pull off a miracle, he’ll keep what’s his and maybe even find a way to earn Playa of the Year honors at this year’s Playa Ball.
Come follow our characters on a journey of growth in the “Game”! See all of their flaws, funny moments and lessons learned.

But, be ware… If you’re not careful, the streets will come calling for you…

… this is “Figueroa Nights”

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