Being a quiet child, Felix is a bit of a loner. When the other boys play soccer during the school break, he climbs up a big tree and watches the world go by. During class, he draws little paper figures. In his fantasy, he sends them out on heroic adventures. This regularly gets him in trouble with his teacher. His mother often scolds him as well. Only his uncle Armin understands him. Armin and his wife own an old country house, which they use during the weekend. Felix often accompanies them; The country house is also the place where Felix has first met his paper friends: He has discovered them on the pages of some of the old books on the bookshelf. Uncle Armin calls them the Fulgiduses. As Felix is browsing through the books again, he discovers something new: Tentacled beings called Skures. Those are the mortal enemies of the Fulgiduses, Uncle Armin explains.

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