Genkaku: Tonari No On’nanoko


Ömer Faruk, who goes to high school, lives a life connected to anime and manga. Together with his friend Yahya Yakup, they are constantly chatting about anime and manga. Ömer Faruk’s father Ramazan Fuat is against his son’s watching anime. One day, Ömer Faruk meets an anime girl in the apartment and his life changes. Ömer Faruk has fallen in love with his biggest dream anime girl. Ömer Faruk tells the situation to his friend Yahya Yakup. Yahya Yakup cannot believe what he is hearing. Over time, the relationship between Ömer Faruk and the anime girl develops. Yahya Yakup thinks that he deserves the anime girl. Yahya Yakup rats Ömer Faruk to his father. After the increasing tension, it is understood that nothing is as it seems. Anime girl is actually a dream created by Ömer Faruk in his mind.

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