Grateful Grapefruit


Grateful Grapefruit tells the story of Blossom, a middle-aged conservative woman whose relationship with her husband Bob has reached breaking point. For one thing he doesn’t even re-fill the ice tray!
Things look desperate until a message-in-a-bottle provides her with the key to change. Blossom enters the world of an enigmatic Hypnotist. But before she can take the plunge she must first overcome her deep distrust of his mystical mumbo-jumbo.
When Bob doesn’t wash his teacup though it’s the push she needs to take her on a radical journey into her darkest dreams. The Hypnotist serves up a fantastical dream that gives her a vision of how awful life could be, turning her perceptions upside down, bringing her own inconsequential problems into focus and putting the glitter back in her grapefruit!

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