Green Forge 2030


An advanced form of polyform energy intelligence, permeating the primordial multiverse, is seriously concerned.
In a dense and material universal area – interpenetrated with the multiverse – an evolutionary slowdown is underway which could interfere with the inevitability of the flow of events.
The origin of this energy gap is identified in a planet called Green Forge and, in particular, in the evolutionary path of an animal species that lives on that agglomeration.
To unlock the situation of stasis, an intervention is developed (the Involutionary Acceleration Process) which involves the transmutation into low-frequency material density of some expressions characterizing the multiversal intelligence itself.
The expressions involved in the process will have to adapt to that type of context by retracing, at a genetic level, a time span of 300 million local years to release adequate transformation potentials useful for the emergence of new creative lines of flight, for all the protagonists of this history.
Or almost all…
Or almost everything…
Original/Alternative Title: Fucina Verde 2030

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