Ground Dog Day


Marley rings the doorbell, holding a bouquet. Marie opens the door, all dressed up.
The young man plans to take her out for a walk. The two of them get on a Vespa and
ride through Paris, as if in a dream. Their first stop is Montmartre Hill. The two lovers
enjoy themselves, spinning around on the carousel in Saint-Pierre Square. The
scene feels almost familiar. Transported to another setting, the two lovers find
themselves on a picnic blanket. Everything is already there – the basket, the wine,
waiting for them in the woods. They capture the moment, stars in their eyes,
emerging from a movie screening. Then quickly, back to Marie’s place, for a
passionate twist, like two dancers on a cabaret stage. When the time finally comes
for a kiss, a harsh return to reality. Marley has been only dreaming, assuming the role
of his beloved mistress’s suitor, Marie, a devoted cinephile. She opens the door to
her true partner. Marley sadly returns to his dog’s life.

Original/Alternative Title: Chienne de vie

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