Gudrid the Fair


Venetians Zeno brothers,sailed from Scotland to North America in 1383.But in 1021 a Viking Icelandic woman Gudrid (actress Amy Erin Johnson) went and settled to Newfoundland. The role of “Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir” is historically very important and well known by the northern people living in Iceland. She was a Viking woman who lived in XI century and traveled to North America and many other far places. She was the sister in law of Leigh Erickson and of Freydis Erickdóttir (who are also characters of the Tv series “Vikings Valhalla” season 1 and 2). Therefore she was part of the famous Viking Erick the Red’s family. Her child “Snorri” was the first European to be born in North America. Later she even went in pilgrimage from Iceland to Rome in Vatican where she was received by the pope, who was interested to know more about her travels to the new unexplored lands. Then she returned to Iceland where she lived as a nun for the rest of her life. Three of her direct descendent were among the first bishops of Iceland.

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