How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 10: ‘Trouble Shots’


Actors Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Edward G. Robinson and Joe E. Brown are on the links the same time as golf pro, Bobby Jones. Brown bets his two actor friends, who accept the wager, that he can beat Jones on the links, on the caveat that Jones plays Brown’s drives and visa versa in Brown believing that Jones never gets into trouble, and thus won’t know how to get himself out of trouble, which is what Brown himself always gets himself into in his always errant drives. As such, Jones demonstrates how to get oneself out of trouble positions, including: driving from the light rough behind a tree, chipping out of a dry gully, chipping out of deep rough, chipping when the ball is nestled right against a tree trunk, chipping out of the lip of a sand trap, chipping out of the shallows of a water trap, and how to sink a putt when another ball is in the way.

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