Il Sogno di Aimone. Una storia di Talento & Tenacia


The (true) story of a child’s dream that kicked a ball in the market square of Trastevere in San Cosimato. A promising young footballer who was in danger of getting lost, finds the high road in the most unexpected place, a neighborhood and a football team removed from organized crime.
The journalist Daniele Piervincenzi, engaged in reports and surveys on organized crime, conceives and realizes on behalf of the Public Assistance and Charitable Institution “Asilo Savoia” his first short film telling how sport can be decisive in the change of a boy and a child neighborhood of the Roman suburbs, Montespaccato.
Starting from “Talento & Tenacia” the social inclusion program through the promotion of sports promoted by the Asilo Savoia, an ancient welfare institution founded in Rome in 1887, Piervincenzi describes, through the personal and sports history of a boy who grew up in Trastevere, Aimone Calì, the path of redemption and rebirth of an entire village suffocated by the malfeasance of a family clan through its local soccer team, also seized by the clan.
The “dream” of Aimone, returning among the professionals after the failure of his first competitive experience, coincides with that of the neighborhood which, removed from the dominance of the clan, identifies itself and makes its own claim with that of the young footballer (purchased by a Club of Serie A) returning to be talked about no longer for crime events, but for a beautiful story of sporting success.


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