Louisa is a burned-out woman who has lost her job. One evening, she meets Mano in a provincial nightclub. Their attraction is mutual. Louisa doesn’t want to admit it to herself. She decides to prostitute herself in order to survive, and because she has lost faith in anything. For one brief day, they confide in each other. Mano seems sure of himself, but both he abd and Louisa have a sadness in their eyes. It’s what they have in common. They all cross paths with Zak and Markus. These two men will have an impact on their relationship. Both are recent friends of Louisa. None are of the same generation or social class. A woman invades Mano’s life: Marie. She’s possessive. She seems malevolent, yet Mano supports her and listens to her. But who is she? An ex, a stalker? This troubled triangular relationship will become clearer as the story progresses. In difficult times, is love the key? Can an encounter change history?

Original/Alternative Title: THEM

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