The film depicts the interrelationship between three generations; Grandson (Aditya), father (Siddharth) and grandfather (Vijayendar ). Today is the birthday of Aditya, Siddharth is preparing to give him a surprise birthday party, his relatives, and Aditya’s cousin brothers and sisters are all preparing for that when the doorbell rings at the door. As soon as Aditya enters the house, everyone bows and wishes his birthday. He flourish with happiness and gets excited and hugs his father. When Siddharth sees this precious love of his son, he realizes that one day his own father had also prepared birthday for him and on that day he hurt his heart in his ignorance. Now Vijayendar is no longer alive. Siddharth is standing in front of his picture. Soaked in the spirits. He apologizes to his father for drowning in feelings that he did not call him sorry, thank you and I love you father at the right time and today he is late

Original/Alternative Title: इनारा

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