The fates of two women intertwine in an atmospheric animated film that captures the vibrant diversity of Berlin: Kara, a passionate artist, and Malina, a profound student of literature, who together become entangled in a mysterious crime that leads them through laboratories, artists’ studios and the deserted expanses of the Spreepark. The plot takes an unexpected turn when the scene shifts to the silence of a wintry Japanese garden in Kyoto, where Malina, lost in a dream and alone, wanders through a garden permeated by snowy mist to an eerie house where the boundaries of reality become blurred. Here, Malina loses herself in a labyrinth of shifting corridors and rooms that unrealistically intertwine, and stairs that seem to lead to infinity, accompanied by the soft cry of isolated paintings, until she finally stands before an old, octagonal mirror that has the power to reveal her innermost being.

The journey, which oscillates between the trash of hectic Berlin and the quiet beauty of Kyoto, is a literary tale about karma, self-discovery and the indissoluble connection between art and life.

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