Io e Paolo


Paolo Borsellino was a Magistrate killed by the mafia in a dramatic attack in the city where the men also died. There are films, institutions, schools all over the world dedicated to him.

This unpublished portrait of his brother was projected on May 23 in front of hundreds of students and on July 19 during the tribute to the Magistrate. Film that has been greatly appreciated by the anti-mafia institutions for the feelings that come out of it

A portrait of the Borsellino family through the memories of Salvatore, a well-known anti-mafia activist. A story that narrates the relationship between Salvatore and Paolo, a magistrate killed in 1992, together with Giovanni Falcone and the men of the escort. A very dramatic moment for Italy, which has remained in people’s memory. Today, the identity of the two judges represents a point of reference for the Italian people and for many young people. A story that alternates Salvatore’s memories with universal images, close to the family contexts experienced by each of us, in the relationship with parents and siblings. A time travel between the past – innocent in which you are still a child and therefore unaware of your future – and the present, united in the touching and nostalgic memory of the protagonist.

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