Kas:st “Children of Chaos”


The times are bleak. The nights are dark and starless.
Around a crater on a lifeless planet, a network of strange individuals, all identical, weaves into a circle. As if in communion, lobotomized and devoid of decision-making aptitudes, they face a gigantic black organic mass towering over them. Each one of them is connected to the latter through a parasitic protuberance fused to their hands, as if screen devices had physiologically mutated onto their bodies. In this dystopian universe, each and everyone has their own version of the truth: interactions are no longer of interest, only an overall sense of illusion dominates.
Three main characters will then enter this simulated reality and attempt to bring down the system. There’s no guarantee that their fight will prevail, but they can always rely on Kas:st’s unyielding strength to resist. Together, another world is possible.
In that spirit, the video and song both tackle a modern-day issue: the terrifying notion of an insidious control of individuals, particularly through the means of new information technologies. But the film doesn’t just stop at a dreary, pessimistic vision: it offers us a glimmer of hope through the eternal, unwavering resolve to awaken humans, to give them back their humanity.

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