Kaylo: Ciecho


“Ciecho” is a first KAYLO’s satire song that revolves around the legendary Polish town of Ciechocinek. The town, known for its sanatoriums and attractions catering to tourists seeking an active holiday, holds a unique charm. According to legend, it becomes a place where older sanatorium patients seek new love. The city is filled with dance venues, where they gather in hopes of finding love.

The story focuses on a local Casanova named “Ciecho,” a nickname derived from “Ciacho” (hunky) and “Ciechocinek.” He frequents the local disco called “San Atorium” (a play on the word “sanatorium”) to pursue potential romantic interests. At the disco, he catches the attention of a cloakroom girl who also embraces the “hunting” atmosphere, trying to win Ciecho’s heart. Unfortunately, both of their attempts at romance prove unsuccessful.

The music video represents the characters’ souls rather than their physical appearances. It walks a fine line between classiness and shoddiness, humor and ridiculousness. The video cleverly incorporates funny elements, such as the name of the disco, the split word “San Atorium,” and the presence of a famous singer nicknamed KASA at the cash desk. The security guard is portrayed by a renowned Polish stand-up comedian, adding to the satire of the script. The DJ in the video is an actual 70-year-old resident of Ciechocinek, who inspired the main character’s style.

Several details in the video add to the comedic effect and cultural references. The telephone number written by the cloakroom girls, 534 69 247, can be humorously translated to SEX 69 24/7. The main character pays with counterfeit 9 Polish Zloty notes, intended to feature the face of famous footballer Robert Lewandowski (nicknamed LEWY which also happens to be a slang word for counterfeit), but the permission was withdrawn, leading to a change in the scene. The scene with two hats was created to address a script flaw, as Ciecho needed to leave something in the cloakroom but still wear a hat on the dance floor.

The overall video exudes an 80s vibe, with vibrant lights and a variety of dance styles, aiming to evoke nostalgic memories for older viewers while captivating younger audiences in a timeless world of disco.

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