(La) Fureur De Vivre


Terra Kitoko, self-taught artist based in Brussels, delivers his first experimental movie in (La) Fureur de Vivre. A poetic and intimate text mixed with authentic images collected during his travels, along with minimalist and original music tracks composed with Victor Pascal, editor. It is a bittersweet story on the edge of tenuous borders, object of an irreversible shift, inhabited by a fragmented and contemplative vision of nature and women. A hymn to the fragile beauty of love.

Like a confluence of rivers flowing into the infinity of individual and collective universes, the visions offered by (La) Fureur de Vivre confronts us all, in their own unique way, with our inner and outer limits. Between fantasy and reality, image, sound and movement guide us through a dreamlike maelstrom. In order to capture these visions of a certain world as closely as possible, the spectator must allow himself to be carried away by the aesthetics, to privilege sensation and emotion over linear logic, to stop piling facts on top of each other, and finally to simply surrender himself to the softness of feelings.

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