Liberi Respiri (and the silence in between)


An important experience unites two old friends who, in the loss of a loved one, rediscover the profound meaning of their dialogue far from the things of the world and from the now intrinsic inability of the same to tell and tell us for what we are. It is from these assumptions that Lory Muratti starts to build a new visual work as a commentary on the second single from Stefano Attuario’s album. Muratti, already directing the previous video clip, therefore returns to the project to consolidate, with this new episode, the partnership between his visionary and out-of-the-box approach as a director and the profound themes addressed by Attuario in his musical project. Actuary moves within the video together with the international guest Ray Haffernan and the actress Miriam Vangelista, once again chosen to play the role of “presence”, of “angel and demon” and of “intermediary” in the dialogue that the two protagonists they establish by trying to actually speak with those who are no longer among them.
“With this video clip I wanted to reconstruct the disarming sensation of peace that can be felt by those who find themselves observing life from the windows of an English “winter garden” where time has stopped in the heart of an in-between season, in the midst of spring. Privileged moment to think about those who have left us while observing life as it begins to move again and looking with new eyes at the world that is reborn from the land we thought was dead.”
The video was entirely shot at “Opificio – Novara”

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