Life Cycle


his is an experimental short film that is made entirely from stock footage. Footage was sourced from a single online platform ( Backstory: While suffering from insomnia, I began listening to a song that captured my emotions. The harmonious alternations of the guitar strings penetrated my heart and inspired my soul. I Thought to myself, “it would be a fantastic idea to produce a short film to this beautiful composition…” Since I was so inspired, I decided to experiment and see if I can make a short film entirely from stock footage (this was my only means to making a film in the moment of my inspiration). As I started the project, I quickly realized how immensely challenging this task is, as the people in stock footage almost never match up nor can I find the perfect scene that I desire. However, my inspirations and insomnia persisted and I did not waver, the vision of the story kept me going. After five challenging hours, as the sun began to rise outside of my window, I finished my short film – Life Cycle. I didn’t think much of it at the moment and decided to just upload it to my inactive-personal youtube account with only a handful of subscribers. Somehow it got in front of thousands of people and view after view I kept getting overwhelmingly positive feedback. Hence, I decided to see if this work is worthy of competing against real film makers. I believe that considering the challenge of using extremely limited library of stock footage, the story was created and people’s emotions were successfully moved. If this short film receives some kind of recognition from the professional film experts, I will be inspired to film and produce real work that is not grossly limited by stock footage and pursue my passion to become a real film maker.

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