Look Up To The Stars


In a not-too-distant future, Earth is deeply polluted, and the sky is always bleary. Bruno, an old man, and his nephew Lorenzo, run a small agricultural business, aiming to help the local community to start over. They’re running out of water and it hasn’t rained for months. Lorenzo, a booklover, rummaging through an atlas discovers what the stars looked like. His grandfather Bruno, who had seen the world as it was before, tries to bring his nephew back to reality. One night, Bruno finds Lorenzo dancing outside pretending to be a Native American performing the Rain Dance.
Whilst Bruno and Lorenzo are having an argument, it suddenly starts raining, the sky clears, and the stars finally appear.
The pair jump for joy, but the magic lasts for only one night, and the following day the sky fogs over again. In the end, moved by this magical event, Bruno will give his nephew hope with an unexpected gift.

Original/Alternative Title: Di Notte C’erano Le Stelle

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