L’ultima fermata


A one way journay. A spinning wheel. A moving clock hand. A falling tear.
The train has gone. The wheel has spinned. The clock hand has mooved. The tear has fallen.
And emptiness remains in your eyes, that emptiness encloses your story.
What it was, what it could be and what it would become. All is trapped by time that it stands sovereign and silently decides your fate.
And one by one memories slide away of that life you took for granted, from little things weren’t able to carch. Too busy running, you will realize that the goal you dreamed of will never arrive.
Behind, just an empty street. In the distance increasingly blurred, the memories of a lost life.
In your gaze, a bitter awareness of the impotence of changing what has been, but with the possibility of making tomorrow what you would do if you could relive your yesterday.
From this it develops the story of a grandpa.
Trapped in memories of his past, he will realize that he is slowly losing even the certainties of his present.
One of these is his little nephew, with whom he has always had a very strong bond, but his parents, underestimating the importance of human relationships for work reasons, will take him away. This begins the toughest challenge for him, the one with loneliness that can only be won when he is able to ask for help.

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