Man or a Moose


Styrbjörn lives with his macho father and brother in the deep woods of Sweden. One day on a hunting expedition he finds himself eye to eye with the mythic white moose Brutus but he’s unable to pull the trigger. Back in the hunting cabin his family mocks and ridicule him. His father also shames him for putting innocent lives at risk by not shooting this evil beast. He then tells a legend so exaggerated that Styrbjörn storms out and takes his frustration out on the road by driving furiously in the woods. Suddenly Brutus appears in the headlights and Styrbjörn hit the brakes. Back in the cabin the brother and family grows worried and decides to go out and look for Styrbjörn to apologize. Styrbjörn now approaches Brutus who lies in the snow and makes a new attempt at shooting him but when their eyes meet he throws his rifle on the ground. Meanwhile the brother and father sees moose tracks in the snow and their search for Styrbjörn turns into a hunt for Brutus. Styrbjörn approaches Brutus and apologizes and they embrace. The animals of the forest senses their presence and gather around them. Meanwhile the father and brother stops their car abruptly when they see a crashed car by the roadside. They approach it and sees Brutus lying on the hood of the car with his antlers through the windscreen, piercing Styrbjörns body. The father falls to his knees in grief. Styrbjörn is now on Brutus back riding through the snowy night with all the animals by their side. Brutus takes a leap and starts to soar and they fly towards the sky with the scene of the accident beneath them.

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