Morning Glory


Marco (35), aka Bambù, is a pornographic film director. From the outside, his life may appear captivating: a lovely house, some notoriety in his field, yet the outward appearance hides the desperation he feels inside. He is far from being the perfect father, and he drifts him further away from his family so much that he misses his daughter’s birthday once again.
Every day his emotional numbing toward his family grows and prevents him from getting closer.
Marco takes all this frustration on his job as he obsessively looks for the perfect actress for his movie to fill the void inside. One day, during an audition, he meets a young girl named Lucy (21). She presents herself as the girl next door, but she has a plan in mind. Lucy knows very well you do not get paid when you do an audition; as soon as she understands that Marco is attracted to her, she asks him to compensate her for the sex scenes they are about to shoot.
Because Marco is intrigued and captivated by her, he agrees to it without hesitation. However, he also wants to learn who Lucy is and her secrets. After the casting, he follows her and learns something about her that will make him choose between helping Lucy and taking his responsibilities or acting indifferently and fleeing, as he always did with his family.

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