MOUNT FREIKOFEL – Frontier of the Great War


Located in the territory of Udine on the border with Austria, Mount Freikofel since 1915 has played an important strategic position in the context of bitter and bloody battles for the conquest of the territory. This documentary reconstructs part of the historical events dating back to the Great War, events that affected this mountain and which are told through the numerous installations that were made in a very short time and in prohibitive conditions. Thanks to the work of the “Amici delle Alpi Carniche” Association of Timau (UD), an impressive work of recovery of the now abandoned military sites began in 1997, thus giving life to the “Open Air Museum of Monte Freikofel”, a noble an institution to which the Gruppo Speleologico Prealpino also collaborated, called for the realization of the general mapping of all the underground and surface stations located in the territory between the Freikofel and Pal Grande mountains. To complete this work, 9 expeditions were necessary, conducted between 2003 and 2019, in which 46 speleologists and experts in cartography participated, topographing 104 underground and 55 open-air installations, for a total of 2100 hours of work. A contribution offered to the memory of those places to pay homage to one of the saddest and most important chapters in the history of Italy.

Original/Alternative Title: MONTE FREIKOFEL – Frontiera della Grande Guerra

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