No Longer on the Map


“No Longer on the Map” unfolds a surrealistic narrative, where an otherworldly messenger emerges from the ocean. Mounted on a white horse with the Spacerider flag in hand, she takes us on a Quixotic epic journey to meet her intermediary.
A voice over , spoken by Esther Schweins, tells us of Gods wrath against the wickedness of man : “Behold, i shall bring a flood of waters .”
They travel together on horseback and donkey to an ancient windmill, the beacon of their final act . The intermediary invokes the powers of the universe pleading for an intervention. In a miraculous response, the mountains turn into water, initiating a cataclysmic flood.
The final message we hear:
“As long as the earth remains, everything is in our hands,
only we can destroy it.”

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