Notte di marzo


March 1944. Rome is under the nazi occupation and Elena is a 20, communist woman. We all were communiste, she says, and I wanted to lend a hand.
A clandestine partisan group grows up in her house: Paolo, Spartaco, Cola, Mario. They are students, with hidden newspapers in their jackets, and hand made cigarettes in their pockets.
Elena plays the piano for them, hiding their meetings in her house. They have an attack to plan: the Bozen command passes everyday on the same street, at the same hour.
So it starts: the TNT, the preparation of the bomb, the exact time of the attack. Days of preparation for five minutes of blood and stupidity.
Then, the silence. One day of complete silence, and finally the response: the nazi command decided to kill 10 people per each German dead soldier. 320 people killed, and they are all safe.
It’s a long night.
What if they have been called?
If they had any chance, would they her reported theirselves?

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