Parking Review


The municipality of Bergamo commissions Sergè, an ambitious videomaker, to shoot a short green-washing social video in which he reviews the best car parks in the city.
Alongside him there are a cameraman and Giovanni, an awkward and unexpressive young engineer, tasked with reinforcing the idea that concrete is a green-friendly material.
The first results of the filming are rejected by the representative of the municipality of Bergamo, who finds the videos boring. He complains about the absence of interviews with parking attendants and, in a rage, orders Sergei to stop filming and go away to home.
Sergè, the only one aware of the producer’s order, drags the others to continue filming, acting enthusiasm to make the video more entertaining, but this behavior leads him to schizophrenically dissociate himself from the other two to the point of becoming violent. Giovanni decides to abandon filming and Serge, in the throes of madness, savagely attacks the cameraman.

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