Pvt. Ravel’s Bolero


Pvt. Ravel’s Bolero, is a “filmic poem” and historical documentary about Maurice Ravel and his “Bolero” in WWI, years before he had composed it. Including facts and info about Ravel and WWI, it is structured around “Pvt. Ravel’s Bolero” (2021), a poem by JZ Murdock. It is wrapped in WWI and the music of Maurice Ravel. It is narrated in French by a male voice actor playing the role of Narrator, Maurice Ravel and several other historical characters, in reading the English text presented on screen. A female voice actor reads the on screen poem as the truck which Ravel drove in WWI and named, “Adelaide”, as well as speaking the voices a couple of other historical characters, also from reading the English text on screen. As this is a filmic poem/documentary, it displays scenes and information on screen from public domain filmed scenes, posters, paintings and photos of World War 1.

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