Scaltri Ingenui


Scaltri Ingenui is the name we have chosen for our documentary. The reference to Italo Svevo’s doubles allows us to delve more lucidly into the story of these young individuals.

Intense and genuine emotions arise as they rediscover their inner beauty, and experience it together with others. Casa Accoglienza, a community within Casa del Giovane in Pavia, is the place that enables this rebirth, this radical transformation.

In essence, the combination of cunning and naivety shows an individual’s hidden talent that can emerge with the right support and appreciation. Cunning arises from the necessity to protect oneself from external difficulties and past lack of support. Their street life has hardened them, yet behind those tough expressions and attitudes, one can still glimpse the naivety of the youth.

The documentary focuses on the unique personalities of these young individuals and their humanity, aiming to challenge the negative stereotypes often associated with them. It is an emotional and engaging journey through their lives, showcasing the phases of redemption and change facilitated by the support and commitment of an inclusive and welcoming community.

We want to demonstrate that community can be a crucial resource for the recovery of these individuals, through support, guidance, and the promotion of their talents and passions.

You will come to realize that salvation lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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