This Short film about the viewer, about perspective, and what and how we look at thing. This short film is a mix of complex thematic Subtext and presents ambiguous comments on our patriarchal society and culture.

The story begins with a woman wearing a lot of jewellery on her hands, making rotis (Bread) for her house. With the passage of time, her jewellery begins to lessen, wounds start appearing on her hands and a child’s eyes are watching her.

After some time, a criminal starts killing people in the city, the police are after that person and the news channels are warning the public to remain alert.

At that time, there is a blind person in the crowd who goes unnoticed by everyone as that Blind person slowly starts to move out of the crowd. At the gate of a building the blind person checks the time. A Blind Person goes inside the building and slowly starts to climb the staircase, stops at the first floor and listens to the noise outside, then moves to the second floor and listens to the noise outside. When a Blind Person gets to the third floor a Blind person hears a husband beating his wife for making dry rotis (Breads). The Blind Person then rings the doorbell. A woman opens the door from inside and the Blind Person tells the husband that I am a salesman from a ghee company, distributing free samples. The husband invites the Blind Person inside who goes in and places the jar of ghee in front of the husband. The husband snatches the jar and moves his finger in it at which point the Blind Person removes a gun from his bag, shoots the husband dead and leaves.

This news spreads across the city. People gossip about the murder and make light of it. At this point, the police reach the scene of crime to investigate and interrogate the wife of the man who was killed. The police inspector is shocked by wife’s response, she says that it wasn’t a Blind Person but someone else! The climax of the film reveals who the culprit is.

This film’s storytelling style is viewpoint narrative story telling.

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