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Babak Monazzami was born in Iran, in 1985. He retraces his life starting from the memory of the war between Iran and Iraq. He was 3 years old during the bombing of Iraqi planes, when he took refuge in the mountains with his family. The same mountains that today he cannot see again, except in a dream.
His life begins by running away and taking refuge, because many things are forbidden in Iran: it is not allowed a free religion expression, you cannot dance, you cannot listen to Western music, you cannot play cards…

When young, Babak wanted to live like a “Westerner”, this caused him many problems, up to forcing him to flee Iran.
Italy is the country he has chosen and is in Milan that he begins his new life and where, finally, he is happy. But in a certain point he will also be forced to leave Milan.

His whole life is lived on the one hand running away and on the other “stay put”, blocked and without freedom.
That is why Babak invites us not to close our eyes to what is happening in Iran.

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